22 Things I’d Love to Do

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of LINDOR truffles and SheKnows Experts Among Us. All thoughts, opinions, and big dreams are my own.


I’m 37 years old, and if I could — without the reservations of motherhood and work and money — I would…

1. Go to Italy (and stay awhile)

2. Buy gorgeous boots that I don’t need

3. Make our kitchen gourmet

4. Have my hair and makeup done just because

5. Get a stack of brand new books — weekly

6. Have a cabin on the lake

7. Pay off our house

family photos

8. Buy tickets to every play and concert and show that comes into town

9. Fly to see the ones that don’t

10. Take weekend trips

11. And have weekly manicures

12. Have meals made entirely of my favorites — sushi, sangria, and Lindt LINDOR truffles

13. Work with a trainer

14. Get an MFA

15. Buy ingredients one meal at a time

three kids posing for a picture

16. See new releases

17. Wear fancy dresses, fabulous trench coats, and really amazing jeans

18. Sit on a beach

19. Learn how to cross-country ski

20. Have a latte a day

21. Visit friends

22. Travel far and wide, then come back home again.

What would you do — just for you — with unlimited time and money and dreams?

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  1. Travel with my husband and kids!

  2. I would go on a yoga retreat. :)

  3. I do buy ingredients one meal at a time – I know, weird. But it feels weird to keep food in the house. I know, weird. What would I do for myself? Buy a real bed. Like grown-up bed with maybe a nightstand table. xo

    • Oh I love that you shop one meal at a time!

      (But why is it weird to keep food in the house?!)

      I love big girl bed dreams! One day, sister!


  4. I always say I’d buy a Hallmark store and cater to all the things I love, stories, cards and beautiful things for people’s homes.

    but now that the babies are here..I’d travel, build us an incredible house and let my mind rest a little, be less stressed so I could just enjoy all the moments.

  5. I would travel. Europe, Australia, any beach. I would also build a house that’s just a tad too big for us so everyone has their own space and then some. And I’d hire someone to clean it for me!

    • Traveling and *not* cleaning are high on my list, too!

      (I used to think BIG, too, in terms of space — but lately I’ve been trying to bring everyone closer and tighter in! Getting old, perhaps! :))

  6. I would love to redo my kitchen!

  7. I know the exact beach house I’d buy if money were no object.

    I’d go get blow-outs every other day so I never had to do my own hair.

  8. I’d travel for a while, too…and definitely upgrade my kitchen!

  9. I would buy a retreat. One at the beach or in the mountains. A place to go and rest. Recharge. Don’t know if that will ever happen but I hope so.

  10. Love your list. I currently attend any and all concerts that I can, luckily I live 20 miles from the Hard Rock and House of Blues but traveling to the shows that don’t make it down my way would be wonderful! I want to see Ireland too. 😉

  11. I wouldn’t think twice about buying airline tickets. Ever. Again!

  12. #8! And travel. I want to go to Italy for a while and just be.
    Great list. Oh – to my list I would add to learn how to let things go. I am obsessive and it’s exhausting. I’d like to be better at not caring so much (in a good way).
    I was just catching up on your posts. You are inspirational, Galit. And awesome.