$150 To Minted, For You, From Me, Because Kindness

I wrote a really meaty free 8 day e-course about how to keep your kids + students safe online.

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Simplify the holiday season by letting me help you send your holiday photo cards this year. Yes, really. Because it feels as good to give as it does to get.

holiday photo cards

I have partnered with Minted for the last few years to send both my holiday cards and yours. This year, when they contacted me to ask if I’d like to work with them again—of course—and, if so, how I would like to split the Minted money—like Monopoly money, but so much prettier—between a reader and me, my answer was quick, short, and sweet, like this post is going to be.

I want to give one of you the whole amount, because kindness. Also because last year one of my favorite gym instructors said, take when you need, give when you can. I need to hear the good and I can give this. So here we are —

A $150 giveaway to Minted, #kindnesswins style

A $150  to  style!

If you need, or if you’d just like, please enter this $150 to Minted giveaway by sharing with me something kind that you have done for someone else.

Buy someone a coffee? Tell me about it.

Clear someone’s windshield? I want to know about that.

Write someone an I’m thinking about you text? Let me know.

You can enter this contest—as many times as you’d like—by:

giveaway contest Leaving a comment below telling me about your act of kindness.

Taking a picture of your #kindnesswins moment and tagging me in it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Or leaving a comment or a photo of your kind act in this Facebook thread.

My kids and I will keep track of and number each act of kindness and then we’ll pick a number randomly to win via random.org on Tuesday, December 8th.

Along with a winner, I hope to come to back and report to you a HUGE number of acts of kindness!

For some holiday card inspiration, please visit Minted: Minted holiday cards really and truly are my favorites. The gift in this post is sponsored by them, but the thoughts, opinions, and sentiments are mine all mine.

Now show me your kindness chops, I’m ready and waiting!

I created a downloadable + printable list of 27 Simple Ways To Be Kind To Kids for you!

I need that button

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  1. I am sponsoring a four year old girl for Christmas this year! She is getting lots of My Little Pony, her favorite!

  2. I was at the drive through at In ‘n’ Out Burger, and asked if I could pay the bill for the car behind me. I have no idea who they were or how they reacted when they found out I had done it. I just paid, got my food, and drove off.

  3. Cookies for the mailman, left in the mailbox.

  4. Jessica O. says:

    My mom has been a little down lately so I am taking her to the movies tomorrow, just her and I. As a mother of two myself I know how important and meaningful our bond is and I hope she realizes how much she is loved!

  5. Oh you and kindness are synonymous in my mind. And I love that.
    So my kindness was a few weeks ago. The woman in front of me in line at Starbucks had ordered her drink and then realized that she didn’t have her wallet. One of those purse-switching mishaps that gets us all. So I bought her coffee for her. Which felt big to her and, frankly, big to me because I am pretty shy in public and don’t really like to talk to strangers!

  6. We left cookies on the doorstep of our neighbor who is a recent widower.

  7. OH Galit- what a PERFECT way to launch a giveaway!! I was going to tell you about delivering a dozen garbage bags of winter coats to the homeless shelter this past Sunday- but late last night I was reminded of a day that happened a year ago, when I helped a mama out at the store. I still consider that day incredibly special and I’m so glad I remembered it to share again! It’s re-published on my blog today. I won’t drop link, but that explains the story best! :)

    Kindness will ALWAYS WIN!!!! God bless your beautiful heart, my dear friend. Your spirit and mission will continue to make a HUGE impact on people everywhere.

  8. Galit,

    You are so wonderful. Later this afternoon I am dropping off shoes, coats, jackets, and children’s DVDs at my friend Debora Klein Lopez’ house for donation. I’ve known Deb since we were in sixth grade together. She is Jewish and married to a Catholic man from Ecuador. She works closely with a local nun named Sister Margaret who takes donations to the neediest areas of LA. Deb also gives a tremendous amount of time/energy to the Temple Adat Elohim and arranges meals at local soup kitchens. In short, she’s amazing. A devoted activist, philanthropist; a brilliant and kind soul.

    If I were to win the gift card, I would give it to Deborah to spend on whatever of her causes is in dire need. I love her non-denominational spirit of giving to the most vulnerable.

    And I love you!
    Wishing you a beautiful Hanukkah and a warm, kind new year.

    • It just occurred to me that a Minted gift card wouldn’t be very helpful to her causes – ha!
      So please simply consider my comment to be a heartwarming example of kindness and goodness in this world.


  9. Latasha Mobiglia says:

    Me and my 4 year old have recently gathered some of his thomas the train engines, DVDs and puzzles to gift another 4 year old as that is all he wished for. We didn’t know this boy but heard his brave story of battling cancer in his brain and his family was drowning in hospital costs and emotionally couldn’t provide for his birthday , so the community pulled together for him all in different ways to give him a train extravaganza. Sadly he died less than a month later but it brings me a sense of pride to know that my son was willing to share and part with his FAVORITE toys and that maybe Timmy got a smile or a sense of joy from the things we sent if even for a moment. That little angel was loved and we think of him often. On another not ironically enough I have a heart collage assembled in my cart waiting to be printed at minted and I have yet to submit because it is pricey and didn’t want to spend on myself right now…. So I would love this!!!

  10. I “adopted” a local 15 year old boy to anonymously give Christmas presents to through a local charity. I also donated a bunch of art supplies and socks to a local teen shelter.

  11. I grabbed one of those giving tree tags and bought a gift for a child

  12. I didn’t think of it as a kindness, but when the volunteer coordinator for the Santa house got confused on times she had sent us, I gave her a call and sorted things out. At the end of the conversation she thanked me for calling rather than emailing and said “thanks for being on my side.” Her comments made me wonder if she hadn’t been shown much kindness lately, and reminded me that kindness can be as simple and easy as treating other people with respect.