110 Reasons To Capture Your #SummerHappy

Summer photography means you don’t have to look too far to find creative picture ideas for Instagram. The sand, the sun, the ice cream. Join the Happy Mamas team in capturing your happy summer.


summer in minnesota

water park

The beauty and detriment of summer are one and the same–the days are long. 

We all know that there are tired kids and sandy sandwiches and unfortunate tan lines.

But there are also endless giggles and entwined feet and sticky fingers wrapped around perfect ice cream cones.

ice cream cone

The Happy Mama team wants to celebrate your happy summer moments. 

Join us on Instagram for a chance to win a $110 gift card to Target by simply tagging what’s already there–golden summer moments–with a perfect hashtag–#SummerHappy.

Because we get it, too. In between water parks and lemonade stands are quiet, still moments–drink, or Target cart, in hand.

Also, please find me on Instagram–I would like nothing more than to follow your #SummerHappy!

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#kindnesswins t-shirts are officially for sale and going fast. Ohmyheart, you guys, we’re wearing kindness!

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  1. Those are definitely some happy kids you have there! 😀 Happy Summer, y’all!

  2. So much summer happy! Thank you for sharing my rainbow pancakes recipe! I love that we both share a love for this fun recipe with our kids!

  3. Sandy sandwiches! Something you never forget. Love the photos!