1000 Voices for Compassion #kindnesswins


Right before my 35th birthday … I began to write for someone else. Right before my 36th birthday … I gifted myself this blog, a place to write for myself, a place to stand on my own. Right before my 37th birthday … I saw how much that gift meant, still means. I realized I could write […]

Why I’m Not Raising A Good Girl


My daughter cut her finger on a “shatterproof” water bottle at school. I got the call late mid-afternoon. There’s something about the school’s phone number popping up onto my screen that makes me move and talk and be just a little bit faster, a little more hurried, a little less me. She had eaten lunch […]

The Secret Connection Between Vulnerability And Happiness


Last week Jason and I surprised the kids with a trip to Disney World. The trip — and the surprise — were as magical as I thought they’d be. Once there, we soaked in the sun and the happy and the together. And when it was over, it was hard to let go of the fun we […]

The Three Words That Will Save Your Relationship With Your Tween


This weekend our family of five shuffled from one volleyball game to another. Coolers loaded, activities tucked into bags, water bottles filled (and refilled). I spent a fair amount of time wondering about my younger two. Were they having fun? Was it fair to fill their weekend with this and only this? It was late into the […]

3 Simple Things That Will Make Your Day Better


I’m holding the idea of doing what I love so very close right now. So when a ridiculously brilliant reader wrote to me: “The habit of doing things that I enjoy everyday is nonnegotiable and I’ve learned to respect my need for it.” My only – and immediate – answer was, Amen. This is another place […]

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