The Three Words That Will Save Your Relationship With Your Tween


This weekend our family of five shuffled from one volleyball game to another. Coolers loaded, activities tucked into bags, water bottles filled (and refilled). I spent a fair amount of time wondering about my younger two. Were they having fun? Was it fair to fill their weekend with this and only this? It was late into the […]

3 Simple Things That Will Make Your Day Better


I’m holding the idea of doing what I love so very close right now. So when a ridiculously brilliant reader wrote to me: “The habit of doing things that I enjoy everyday is nonnegotiable and I’ve learned to respect my need for it.” My only – and immediate – answer was, Amen. This is another place […]

6 Habits Of Very Happy Women


Over good food and good wine, I was talking to two women about one important topic that threaded us together. They were new friends who shared so much between motherhood, Minnesota winters, and current and past teaching careers. As our voices got louder, and more urgent, we leaned in closer. We were talking about happiness, debating whether […]

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