This Is What An Interfaith Family Looks Like


Last night our family got our Christmas tree. It was a cold Minnesota night. The kind where everything from eyelashes to toes is chilled. Jason came home late and tired, and the draw to stay home was magnetic. But the magic sparkling in the kids’ eyes and the way they mirrored his younger self’s story, was not […]

Whatever You’re Thankful For, Start Giving There (And A Stunningly Brilliant Giveaway)


I’m overflowing. This Thanksgiving, between the mess and the plans and the much needed time split between the gym and my pajamas, I kept stopping to breathe it all in. Our weekend was braided with all of the things that fill me to the brim and then some — family and health and pets and food and books and work and friends. When […]

Talking To My White Kids About Systematic Racism


Last night Jason and I watched the Ferguson decision on TV. The kids — tired from a night when everyone had to be somewhere, hair slicked back from showers, mismatched pajamas on — wanted to be close. They kept coming into our room, leaning against our bed, asking us what they were seeing. I hushed […]

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