The Definitive Answer To What Is The Difference Between Being Nice And Being Kind

what is the difference between niceness and kindness

Some of the dialogue about what is the difference between being nice and being kind is unnecessary and some of it is harmful. This post finally explains why. A few weeks ago I went out to lunch with my friend Alice. It was a gray, Minnesota winter day—the kind that she embraces and that I shiver […]

27 Perfectly Simple Ways To Show Kindness To Our Kids

ways to be kind to your child

We talk a lot about random acts of kindness. But who we show kindness to should begin at home. These simple acts of kindness ideas for kids will help. My kids go back to school tomorrow after an all-too-short winter break. Whenever they are home for uninterrupted time, I am reminded of the wonderful mess […]

This Is How Perspective Leads To Kindness

perspective definition

Have perspective and get some perspective are life advice that people give and get. There is a learnable skill to understanding the definition of perspective. We went to the store yesterday to buy much needed last minute items. Milk for french toast, apples to counteract Christmas cookies, the kids’ gifts for each other. While we […]

Readers share their most golden moments of kindness

this world is so hard

The more we pay attention to the news around us, the easier it is to think that our world is all hard. But in reality, people are good. Here are twelve of them. Purposeful kindness is what makes the world go round. I realized this (again) when I hit a low and my friends showed me […]

$150 To Minted, For You, From Me, Because Kindness

holiday photo cards

Simplify the holiday season by letting me help you send your holiday photo cards this year. Yes, really. Because it feels as good to give as it does to get. I have partnered with Minted for the last few years to send both my holiday cards and yours. This year, when they contacted me to […]