Ohmyheart, Pub Day! #kindnesswins


286 days ago, I published 12 Secrets Happily Married Women Know on The Huffington Post. 280 days ago, I looked at the comments. Some of them had nothing to do with my article or marriage and everything to do with my weight and how I had looked in my wedding dress. 209 days ago, I […]

The Editors Of My Life


The first time I had an article edited, I cried. I took my editor’s red pen personally and in my head, and to my husband and my kids and anyone else who would listen, I argued every edit. Yes, every single one. At different points in my life, I’ve done the exact same thing as I […]

6 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Having a Tween Girl


My daughter is less than a week away from her 11th birthday. A decade felt like a big deal–double digits!–but eleven, eleven feels like a teeter into older that takes my breath away. How is this even possible? She has grown and changed so very much and so very quickly in these last few years. […]

How Your Tween’s Private Photo Could Go Viral (And Why Private Accounts Aren’t The Answer)


When my husband Jason and I decided to give our daughter a phone and an Instagram account, these gifts came with a string: she agreed to having many, many (so very many) open conversations with us about using social media kindly. The first time we sat down together to discuss the kinds of photos she may share on […]

How To Focus In Instead Of Out


We spend a lot of time watching volleyball games. “A lot of time watching volleyball games” means “it’s a good thing we really like the kids and parents and coaches” because they’re our people now. As parents we cheer and sigh and cross our fingers. We fill water bottles and pass granola bars and hug for […]

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