This Is What Happens When You Expect Wonderful


You find it. Once you learn to live in a state of wow, everything is beautiful. —Shawn Fink, Abundant Mama Tweet I grew up watching The Breakfast Club. The coming of age angst, the power of stories, the need to be noticed, had all been speaking to my heart for a very long time. Three decades, […]

62 Ways To Spread Kindness Like Wildfire


1. Give out compliments with wild abandon. 2. Tweet a few of those compliments out. 3. Make eye contact. 4. Smile. 5. Let her go first just because.Tweet 6. Recommend a book. Better yet, lend that book. 7. Send her a recipe, a pin, a blog post, a magazine clipping that you know she’ll love. 8. […]

Imagine This


“If you don’t imagine, nothing ever happens at all.” –John Green, Paper Towns I just swiped to the very last page of John Green’s Paper Towns. I actually kept swiping, hoping to find more, willing the book to not end, but it did. The story, the concept, the characters, all struck me. But there’s nothing I […]

Prayers For A Tween Girl


My girls’ birthdays are only four days (and two years) apart. For the past few years we’ve celebrated on or around their March birthdates. But this year, our family traded in our usual one-weekend-after-another separate celebrations for a last day of school, hot summer night, everyone piled into the yard and by the fire pit and […]

22 Ways I’m Gifting My Kids A Happy Summer


1. I’ll make rainbow pancakes for breakfast. 2. I’ll let them help cook–even if the word “rainbow” is right there in the recipe title. 3. I’ll love the days that we change straight from pajamas to swimsuits back into pajamas. 3. I’ll let them collect dandelion bouquets, spray the hose, water the flowers, make chalk balls, walk […]