31 Totally And Completely Purposeful Acts of Kindness Ideas To Brighten This Holiday Season

how to give to others this holiday season

The best acts of kindness ideas are not random acts of kindness, but purposeful ones. Try these 31 purposeful acts of kindness to brighten this holiday season. I met a friend for coffee last week. We hadn’t seen each other since summer, when I started working full time and balance had gotten away from me. So […]

The Intricate Connection Between Self Care And Mental Health

self care ideas

There are different types of mental health and different ways to practice self care ideas. These two women’s health concepts are intricately connected. Something that I haven’t written very much, or enough, about is my mental health. For years after my kids were born, I tried to figure out what I needed to do to […]

Look For The Helpers, Look To The Children

clubs for girls

Being there for each other is an underrated skill. Refocusing on learning how to take care of each other and valuing taking care of others is how to find hope. The news about Paris shook our souls on Friday afternoon and evening. I was beginning the process of swapping my workweek pace for a weekend one, when […]

How The #kindnesswins Challenge Works #seethegood

ideas worth spreading

We can’t bully proof our kids or ourselves. What we can do is refocus all of our energy to raising kind kids and to creating a culture of kindness. This is how. The #kindnesswins #seethegood challenge began as an open door invitation to refocus on kindness during October, anti bullying month. I’m a big believer and […]

Day 31 of the #kindnesswins Challenge #seethegood

how to make a difference

Be the change you want to see in the world is a common phrase. How to be the change sounds complicated, but it’s not. This is how to be a change maker everyday. When Vicky Keyte’s seven year old son Daniel was bullied for having cystic fibrosis, Keyte took to Instagram calling on Daniel’s favorite […]