Getting Your Heart Ready For A New Dog, After You’ve Lost One


This weekend our family got a new puppy. He’s an 8-week-old mini goldendoodle, his name is Parker, and he is a love. As I sat watching our family take turns snuggling him and holding him and playing with him and (maybe) just a teeny-tiny bit fighting over him, I thought, contentedly, that we made the right […]

Win a Gorgeous Bracelet From MantraBand!


Can you feel the shift in the air? Slow summer days have deftly been swept aside and traded in for the breath taking quickness that comes with fall leaves and new school years and schedules and practices and homework and… Breathe, mama. Or… choose love. Let your light shine. Smile. Before we all dive into […]

14 Essential Truths About Raising Tween Girls


1. Her personality has arrived. My tween has a more defined silliness and sarcasm, a sense of style, and stronger opinions about her clothes and her activities and the ways she wants to spend her time. Some of this is negotiable and some of it isn’t — I expect her to be present for family activities and […]

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