10 Secrets You Need To Know To Survive Winter


I’ve been feeling suffocated by the snow. It’s here and it’s staying and I’m counting down until it’s gone (only 6 months to go!). Jason says this happens to me every year — I step outside and feel the chill and imagine the slip and try to convince myself that I can, indeed, find a way […]

Conversations To Have With Your Tween About Drinking


Jason has  started making beer. Once a month he gets together with his buddy to home brew and talk hops and bottling and boiling levels. Their beer is delicious and Jason had the fun idea to keg some so we can have it on tap when we entertain. I was teasing him about this — Because a tap. […]

Win $200 For Your Gorgeous Minted Holiday Cards!


Oh this time of year moves quickly, doesn’t it? I can still see Halloween costumes peeking out of my kids’ bedrooms and I’ve yet to put away the pumpkins and the candy and the just-the-right-amount-of-scary decor, but the next set of holidays are calling my name. Yours, too? It’s already time to start thinking about […]

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