Day 5 of the 31 Day #kindnesswins Challenge

reframing bullying

Reframing bullying prevention to teaching kindness and raising kind kids is the bullying paradigm we need to move from a bullying culture to a kind society. Makenzie and Steven Schultz had really, really slow restaurant service one night. Many customers sitting near them were letting out their frustration by making fun of the restaurant and by […]

Day 4 of the 31 day #kindnesswins challenge #seethegood

bullying stories

When we know someone is being bullied we are instantly elevated to the bullying bystander role. We have the privilege to choose wisely what to do with this. Khari Toure is a name that many of you have sent me because this man has written not one but two phenomenal songs that he has turned […]

Day 3 Of The 31 Day #kindnesswins Challenge #seethegood

be the change

The conversation about how to talk to kids about bullying always turns to how to respond to bullies. Step into this with direct and actionable bullying advice. The name Dianne Hoffmeyer is going viral because this woman responded to fat shaming with kindness in the form of coffee and a good example. Hoffmeyer was in […]

Day 2 Of The 31 Day #KindnessWins Challenge #SeeTheGood

no bullying ideas

There’s a lot of anti bullying information out there and finding no bullying resources that work can be daunting. Think simple to create bully free lives. When transgender 16 year old Gabrielle Diana Gladu’s official name change was approved, her mom made her a cake with a special message on it, “Congratulations, you are now Gabrielle!” […]

Day 1 Of The 31 Day #kindnesswins Challenge #seethegood

no bullying

Bullying prevention tips focus on bullies. But another part of the process is focusing on teaching kindness, spreading kindness, and making others feel good. When Todd Bachman’s biological daughter Brittany Peck got married, there was a lot of planning to do. The flowers, the menu, the color-coordinated outfits. But what Bachman spent time planning was a […]