The Best Parenting Advice My Husband And I Have Ever Given Each Other

a cabin in minnesota

A too little discussed secret is that parenting makes marriage hard. Tweet But parenting together is key. Try these essential parenting tips and marriage advice. Last week our family went on a tried-and-true Minnesota vacation. We rented a small cabin up north that had just enough room for the five of us to sleep in and […]

Dear Women Be Kind To Other Women

elizabeth gilbert says be kind

In the ultimate act of women supporting women, Google and YouTube alum Karen Cahn launches VProudTV, a troll free social network, and only hires female leaders. In May, I clicked into an email from Kate Anderson from VPRoudTV. Little did I know, she was about to introduce me to my new online home. Kate had […]

The Inexplicable Wow Factor Of Having Friends Of All Ages


Female friendship can be tricky and sometimes mom friends are hard to find. But there’s a really great reason why we need adult friends and friends of all ages. Jason and I went out for a rare Monday night date. I was tired and resistant, he was sweet and patient. His college buddy was in town. […]

110 Reasons To Capture Your #SummerHappy

water park

Summer photography means you don’t have to look too far to find creative picture ideas for Instagram. The sand, the sun, the ice cream. Join the Happy Mamas team in capturing your happy summer. The beauty and detriment of summer are one and the same–the days are long. Tweet We all know that there are tired kids […]

This Is What Happens When You Expect Wonderful


A positive attitude has crazily far reaching results. A simple paradigm shift using positive thinking tips can simplify the pursuit of happiness and help create–and notice–wonder. So what happens when you expect wonderful? You find it. Once you learn to live in a state of wow, everything is beautiful. —Shawn Fink, Abundant Mama Tweet I […]